Dominican Republic – Many years ago we acquired a mission in the DR, and since that time we have built a church, enlarged a school, created housing in the mission field, and fed THOUSANDS of folks, both physical food and SPIRITUAL food! We took over a 98-acre farm that was nothing more than open fields, taught them to grow food, harvest, sell some, keep some, and plant more! We now have livestock on the farm, a pond stocked with fish, and everything is growing – the farm, the church, the school, and the kids!


Mission Directors


Rev. David and Terri Riddle have been involved in missions since 2003.  They have ministered to the homeless on the streets of Baltimore, MD, Gettysburg, Hanover and York, PA.  They went on a missions trip to Zacatecas, Mexico in 2003.  The Riddles have a tremendous love for God and people. They are compassionate about sharing Jesus.  They have been married since 2002.  They have both served the Lord in preaching, teaching Sunday School and Children’s church, bible studies and children’s camp counselors.  Since 2015, Terri is a cancer survivor.  That experience led them to Heritage International Assembly of Pentecostals to serve as missions directors.  

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Liberia – This is a new mission field for us. Through our congregation, we have learned that Liberia is one of the poorest nations on earth. We’ll be “setting up shop” in Liberia hometown, much like we did in the Dominican Republic, providing clothing, necessities of living, spiritual needs, and of course, education, to help them change the direction of their lives.


Albania – Although this is an established mission, it’s approaching “self-supporting” status. It’s run by a pair of brothers who learned the values of Christianity at a young age, and true to our way of ministry, they’re teaching, feeding, helping, and growing followers of Jesus Christ.


GIVE TO MISSIONS – Your contributions are always put to good use! They don’t remain in the office, no, they go the missions we have locally and the six we have abroad. They are the Dominican Republic, Liberia, Albania, India, Mexico, and the Philippines. Our method with each one repeats the success we’ve experienced by feeding their spirit, feeding their bodies, teach them, cloth them, and create self-worth in them. It’s a win-win for everybody!